The embodiment of selflessness to help another life. This kind of experience, since it only happens once per child, deserves to be photographed. This is a time where we see the strength of a mother, father, siblings, (almost) grandparents, midwives, DOULAS; people who come together to bring another person earthside. They are all super heroes in their own way in doing so. I am honored to capture these moments. They are fleeting. Ones you will look back on and think "if I only had a way to relive it or tell the tale better." During labor the last thing you're thinking about is if you will remember it. Once baby is here, that's when you will wonder. Let me help you do so. I've had 3 of my own and I can attest to all these things I have listed. And from one Mama to another, you've GOT this.

Labor + Delivery Package $2000


  • Prenatal meetings and updates
  • Full birth coverage, usually starting at the beginning of active labor
  • Fresh 48 mini session once baby is delivered (a time where breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and bonding truly occur). This is where those cute swaddles and sibling introductions come in handy! Takes place 1-2 hours after birth.
  • Hand edited digital gallery of 300+ photos with print release
  • Limited monthly client cap
  • 24/7 on call from 38 weeks until birth