• October 17, 24
  • November 14, 21
  • Colt Creek Park
  • 25-30 minute sessions
  • BYOP - Bring your own props (or none at all!)
  • $200 (+$4 park admission)



What can I expect?

A.Don't forget to bring any props you may want!! It's a BYOP (bring your own prop) session. Ideas are mugs, blankets, hats, etc. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early! When you arrive, I will likely be photographing another client in their slot or resetting for yours.

What happens when we are done?

A.Step #1: I go through all of the photos and find the best 25+ photos.
Step #2: I edit those photos by color correcting and blemish removal. Any other editing (slimming and extra photoshop) will be an additional fee.
Step #3: Photos are exported and uploaded to your client gallery.
Step #4: All photos on the gallery will be available to download. We recommend doing this on a hard drive or a USB to save the full gallery. Individual photos can be saved directly from the gallery to your phone.
Step #5: You will have 3 weeks to download all photos before the gallery will be removed from our platform.
Step #6: Prints available to purchase via the gallery or elsewhere with your print release to the photos also delivered in your gallery as the first photo.

But what will I wear?!

A.No matter the season matching with your family or friends is important. Now, by matching I don't mean everyone wear the same argyle sweater. I mean use the colors in shirts, dresses, or blouses to bring unity in the theme. Most people are able to find stuff to wear from their own closets. Others find it as a way to set up a mini shopping spree. Outfits play into your background, so please feel free to run the things you’re wanting to wear by us. We are here to help!

What if I have to reschedule?

A.We get it, things happen! However, rescheduling is different than cancelling. Upon rescheduling we will send you new forms to pick a new date/location. We cannot guarantee we will have the same location as originally scheduled or the set up along with it.

When do I get my photos back?

A.2-3 weeks.