What can I expect? I don't know how to pose! I'm awkward! You're going to have to walk me through this!

When you arrive, we will meet up at the agreed location. Then I will lead you around the location, looking for different backgrounds suitable for your specific session. We will chat, have fun, and shoot! I try to keep things super fun and flows during our time together. Talking with you helps things look much more natural, and by nature I am a talker. That means prompting you instead of commanding you to pose. For example, asking you to walk to the camera while looking at each other instead of just saying cheese while you stand in one spot. It's all about being together and letting the natural vibe show in the lens!

But what will I wear?!

If it is just you by yourself then go for what best fits the occasion: business, silly, hobby, etc. For groups bigger than 1: No matter the season matching with your significant other, family, or friends is important. Now, by matching I don't mean everyone wear the same argyle sweater. I mean use the colors in shirts, dresses, or blouses to bring unity in the theme. Most people are able to find stuff to wear from their own closets. Others find it as a way to set up a mini shopping spree. Pinterest has great styling boards and color swatches for families and couples. For headshots they have ideas of what is professional and fun. Honestly! Type that into the pinterest search bar! Outfits play into your background, so please feel free to run the things you’re wanting to wear by us if you need help. We are here to help!

What if I have to reschedule?

We get it, things happen! However, rescheduling is different then cancelling. Upon rescheduling we will send you new forms to pick a new date/location. Your contract that you will receive upon booking talks more about cancelling!

What if it rains?

Weather is "predictable" - not in Florida it isn't! If it rains, making grounds wet, prior to the shoot, we may have to postpone. If it sprinkles or rains during the session, we will have to stop and wait a bit or postpone.

When do I get my photos back?

2-3 weeks.

What happens when we are done?

Step #1: I go through all of the photos and find the best 25+ photos.
Step #2: I edit those photos by color correcting and blemish removal. Any other editing (slimming and extra photoshop) will be an additional fee.
Step #3: Photos are exported and uploaded to your client gallery.
Step #4: All photos on the gallery will be available to download. We recommend doing this on a hard drive or a USB to save the full gallery. Individual photos can be saved directly from the gallery to your phone.
Step #5: You will have 3 weeks to download all photos before the gallery will be removed from our platform.
Step #6: Prints available to purchase via the gallery or elsewhere with your print release to the photos also delivered in your gallery as the first photo.